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Our Rodent Control Specialists provide Trapping and Removal, Decontamination Services, and Entry Prevention and Repair at a Lower Price than our Competitors. We are fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured which allows us to provide Guaranteed Great  Customer Service. A lot of rodent problems can be fixed with a Rapid Roof Repair, which we are happy to provide as well. Visit our google plus page to read our rat removal reviews



Rodent Control Service

Rapid Rodent Removal is a Full Service Pest Control & Wildlife Management Company that applies Innovative Environmentally-Responsible Techniques for handling Nuisance Rodent, Animal & Pest Control problems.  
Don't  buy into the panic & fear while getting taken advantage of with a one-sized fits all mentality that other companies offer. Ask about our Customized Rodent Removal Plan today. 

Squirrels, Mice, & Rat Exterminator Near Me

Heard or Found Rodents in Your Home & Attic? That doesn't necessarily mean you have an Infestation. Our Rodent Control & Animal Removal Experts have Techniques and Products to save you thousands when Treating or Preventing future Infestations.

Rat Squirrel & Mouse Attic Removal Infestation

Our Friendly Wildlife Specialists will identify the problem areas while providing customer education. Our Customized Step-by-Step Approach to re-establishing rodent control in and around your home includes Damage Prevention, and Repair Recommendations. We humanely remove animals and follow up on our work. For information on Dallas Rat Removal.

Rodent Removal Cost

Our Competitive Pricing is another great reason to choose us! We Contact us with our competitors quote but we will beat it by 10% ! Guaranteed. Click for info on Squirrel Removal if you think the sound you hear isn't rats.

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