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Rapid Rodent Removal is a Full Service Wildlife Management Firm that applies Innovative Environmentally-Responsible Techniques for handling Nuisance Rodent & Animal Control problems.  Don't buy into the panic & fear while getting taken advantage of with a one-sized fits all mentality that other companies offer. Ask about our Individualized Opossum Control Plan today. 


Our Friendly Opossum Removal Specialists can identify the Problem Areas while providing customer education. Our Individualized Step-by-Step approach to Re-establish Opossum Control in or around Your Home includes Damage Prevention, and Repair Recommendations. We humanely Remove Animals and follow up on our work.


Heard or Found Opossums in Your Home & Attic? That doesn't necessarily mean you have an Infestation. Our Opossum Control Experts have Techniques and Products to save you thousands when Treating or Preventing future Infestations.


Our Competitive Pricing is another great reason to choose us! We will not only Match Any Competitors Quote but we will beat it by 10%! Guaranteed.
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Getting Rid of opossums

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If you suspect you have an opossum living on your property somewhere, don’t worry! They are essentially harmless, and they are actually great rodent and snake deterrents. Surprised? They look so mean, don’t they? Well, don’t discount the value of a Wildlife Expert in the case of an opossum just yet. If you have an opossum in your attic it didn’t make the hole to get in by itself, it only Found the hole made by another animal. And if the opossum is living under a shed, patio, or log, chances are that would also make a great home for another, less desirable animal. So, a Wildlife Expert’s role in the case of an opossum is to inspect your attic and property to find possible evidence of other animals living where they shouldn’t be, secure any possible entry points, and generally make sure your property is as impenetrable as possible by any unwanted guests – sorry, this doesn’t include the in-laws! If you’ve found an opossum or suspect one to be on your property, give Rapid Rodent Control a call to receive a free inspection and individualized plan!

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With that said, here are some facts about opossums for your enjoyment!



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The opossum is America’s only marsupial; you heard right – a marsupial. That’s like kangaroos and koalas. Marsupials are mammals that carry their babies in a pouch. This pouch is capable of closing so tightly that the mother opossum can even go swimming without her babies getting wet. As the babies grow and begin to venture out of the pouch they will cling to their mother’s back using their 4 paws and their tail. Opossums are nature’s minivan.

Opossums are solitary, except in the case of a mother and her babies. They are nomadic, not spending more than a few nights in any one place, except – of course – in the case of a mother and her babies. If she is left undisturbed, she and her young may stay for a longer period of time.

Opossums are omnivores which means that they will eat anything they can find. This includes your pet food and garbage, so one way to avoid having opossums visit your property is to keep pet food well sealed and to have a lid on your garbage, only putting it out for collection the morning of trash day. They will also eat fruit, nuts, berries, fish, snakes, and rodents. What? Snakes and rodents? Yes! This is what makes them pretty useful to have around. Opossums are completely immune to all types of snake venom so they will eat snakes and also eat rats and mice. They do not store their food like squirrels do, so they must hunt nightly for it. Although they are nocturnal, you may see them during the day if their food sources have been scarce.

While opossums may look mean and scary, they are actually pretty handy to have around and won’t stay for long. However, if you have one living in your attic or under a shed or patio give Rapid Rodent Removal a call so we can inspect your home to make sure there are no other problems, now or in the future. Call today – it’s free!

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RAPID RODENT REMOVAL (469) 609 - 7287