Risks & Health Issues Caused by Rodent Feces

Health Issues Caused From Rats

Risks & Health Issues Caused by Rodent Feces

Living in DFW Metroplex  you’ll find rodents of all types from mice and rats to moles and gophers. All rodents pose a risk to your health. Last year’s increase in rodents demonstrates that it’s never too early to worry about the potential risks and health issues that rodent feces contains. If you’re noticing rodent tracks of any sort, it’s important that you seek a rodent control specialists who can better assess your homes’ health.

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The following 4 diseases are caused by rodent feces:

    Bubonic Plague: The dreaded plague is less prevalent and deadly today, but still infects numerous people every year. This is normally spread through fleas on a rodent, but feces can also contain the plague. Symptoms include headache, fever and swollen lymph nodes.

    Hantavirus: Rodent urine and feces is the primary cause of the Hantavirus. Caused by the white-footed deer mouse, this virus is often seen when these mice are allowed to actively live in the same dwelling as their human counterparts. An infestation in an attic is a prime example of how the Hantavirus can be contracted, although humans don’t realize the mice are living in the home.

    Lassa Fever: A virus that is contracted through the breathing in of dust that is contaminated with feces or urine. This disease can also be contracted through touching the feces or bites and is spread by rats.

    Rat-bite Fever: Food that is contaminated by rodents can cause rat-bite fever. This is an infectious disease that can be fatal.

    Salmonellosis: Spread through rodent feces. Salmonellosis is a type of food poisoning that causes high fevers, abdominal pains and diarrhea.

These are just the viruses that are normally seen in Dallas, TX. There are also several other rodent-transmitted viruses that are less common in the area, such as Leptospirosis, Hemorrhagic-Fever and Tularemia. All of these diseases are classified as worldwide by the CDC. However, many diseases are region-specific.

Whatever the case, if you’re seeing rodent feces, droppings, or otherwise tracks of any sort, it’s best to let a rodent remover professional inspect the situation. We offer our assistance to the area of Dallas, TX. Contact us today at (469) 609-RATS