Don't Panic! Just breathe through your mouth while you call us!

Have a dead animal hiding somewhere in your walls or attic? Don't worry - we know how much that stinks and we are here to help! We'll send out trained Wildlife Experts to sniff out the problem and remove it. Rapid Rodent Removal offers a full-service Dead Animal Removal Plan. This means we won't just cover up the smell - we use a multi-step process to fully eradicate your problem:

  • Find and Remove the Dead Animal
  • Deodorize and Sanitize Your Home
  • Fix the damage left behind by the animal
  • Repair any holes made to retrieve the dead animal
  • Follow-up our work by conducting a thorough Home Inspection to pin-point how the animal got in - FREE!
  • Formulate a Custom Exclusion Plan for your home to prevent future issues
Dead Animal Removal

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